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Since 2004, Romanelli Optix has offered the most exclusive and extensive European luxury eyewear collections of any optical shop in the Kansas City area. From your selection of the perfect designer frames to our meticulous custom-cut assembly, you will receive the finest personalized service from consummate eyeglass professionals.


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Best Selection from Coast to Coast

All of our three locations carry a wide selection of the finest and most exclusice collections of European luxury eyewear! We specialize in fitting all faces, no matter your head shape or size. We help select eyewear that tailors to your lifestyle like your prescription needs, your complexion, where you work, what sports you play, and personal style! Whether its timeless and conservative,  funky and fresh, or your favorite designer's eyewear collection we've got it!

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From dispencing and adjustments, to helping you select the perfect pair of eyeglasses, every Romanelli Optix location has a certified Optician on staff to assist you with all of you optical needs. Our owners work hand and hand with our Opticians to ensure that every experience is above and beyond anything you have ever experienced. We are not eye doctors so that allows us to focus on what we do best including staying up to date with the latest and greatest styles, fashions, trends, inventory and lens technologies. Day in and day out we live and breathe luxury eyewear working with exotic frame styles that other people just dont have the time, knowledge, experience, or technologies to work with.

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In House Lab

Here at Romanelli Optix, we do ALL of our finshing lab work ie. cutting, mounting, drilling, polishing, and tinting! Where other Opticians and Eye Doctors send their frames to huge labs where they will service several thousand frames a day, we can focus on 10-15 pieces of eyewear a day so each piece of eyewear gets the attention and time it deserves.  This ensures that not only do you get the best finished product, but you will also have your complete pair back to you within 5-7 days or sooner. The reason we do this is so your luxury eyewear is never in the hands of someone beside you or our staff. You can also rest assured that your prescription will be perfect, because we triple inspect each pair, by diffrent Opticians, every time. 

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Over 100 collection available exclusively at romanelli optix.


romanelli optix features Shamir and Claris lenses

One of the world's leading lens manufacturers. Progressive lenses allow you to smoothly transition your focus between near, intermediate and distant objects. Better than bifocals, which have only distant and near viewing areas, progressive lenses ease eye strain and provide the most natural vision correction.


One of the world's leading lens manufacterers.


Exclusive hand made European Eyewear!


  • Frame Warranty

    Excluding total loss or probable damage, for every frame Romanelli Optix sells, a full 2-Year warranty is extended to our customer at NO extra charge.

  • Lens Warranty

    We use only the highest quality products for our customers, Shamir and Claris Anti-Reflective Coating. These superior products give our customers an indefinite scratch warranty for the life of the perscription. Also, any changes made to your prescription within a 60 day period from your original purchase date will be corrected at NO charge to our customers.

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